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About Us

About Us

Transformeon is a training and development based organization where we strongly believe in bringing transformation in the way in which individuals approach their professional life. We work on individuals and teams and our training modules have been widely accepted and appreciated by the companies which have benifitted from our modules. Individual may be a new employee or the General manager , we do an in depth analysis of the responsibilities handled and suggest better and innovative ways of uplifting performance. When it comes to teams, it may be a small team or a overseas team working on a common project, we aim at bringing them together and solving issues with our training modules and consultation.

We are constantly working with young Entrepreneurs as well as established ones, to help them meet the challenges that entrepreneurship brings , it may be in terms of personal performance issues or team performance or expanding business. With our software development and business research, we are committed to help the entrepreneurs meet the challenges of running the show effectively.

Transformeon is well known for providing Executive coaching to senior executives in order to help them achieve a balance between their personal effectiveness along with highly effective people skills which is the need of the day. We also emphasize on achieving the right work life balance for the executives and a stress free day to day professional life. With our excellent Time management modules and software, many top executives are leading the right balanced professional and personal life with higher performance and reduced stress.

Vision & Mission

To bring transformation in the lives of all our participants who attend the workshops. We firmly believe that there is a lot which can be improved in everyone’s professional and personal life. When all the individuals realize that powerful living is possible, that is when the quality of life starts to improve and performance reaches at its peak level.
Removing obstacles which do not let an individual perform to the best of his/her capabilities. This is achieved by making and delivering strong and value based training modules which not just provides training but brings about a transformation in the professional and personal life of all the participants.

Value Addition

The TRANSFORMEON is committed to providing excellence in imparting training to every organization. Various individuals form many Organizations have been able to achieve breakthrough results with our training. Great care is taken while we create training modules for our participants so that they can make best use of the sessions and achieve the exact results which they are looking for. We believe in facilitating every individual so that a greater result is brought about at the organizational level.

Our Methodology

We follow a Methodology which is detailed and ensures that we don’t leave any stone unturned while we are associated to an organization.

Step 1- Gap Analysis
Step 2- Design the training Program
Step 3- Analyze the effectiveness based on the nature of organization
Step 4- Conduct the training
Step 5-Post training exercise and a Small exam
Step 6- Track the effectiveness of training
Step7- Refresher training sessions for the aspects which could not be assimilated

To aid our training , we make use of the following resources effectively and make sure that the training leaves a transforming effect on all the participants.

A) Power point presentations
B) Games
C) Role Plays
D) Brainstorming
E) Videos (In coordination with the topic)
F) Curriculam based training
G) Questionnaire
H) Individual Interaction(With all participants)

Our Team

founder and Training Director

Major(Retd.) Shreshth Shekhar, Founder and training director, has been instrumental in imparting training to many employees from the Government sector as well as private sector. He is also a very well known business coach for both senior management as well as Entrepreneurs. Major Shreshth has been instrumental in the success of many small and medium enterprises and he has developed various modules which are directly applicable to individual and team performance. A disciplined and highly effective coach.

Co-founder and Chief Mentor

Co-founder and Chief Mentor , Mr R C Choudhary, Former Director of Apex training institute of FCI, has an experience of more than 30 Years and has trained more than 25,000 Employees in functional areas including soft skills,Communication and leadership. Mr R C chaudhary has been instrumental in shaping the lives of many new employees as well as unlocking the leadership potential in more than hundreds of Senior managers of various organizations. An effective coach and a very effective communicator.